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How to Buy Shrubs and Bushes for your Hardiness Zone

 This site can help you find and buy the correct shrubs or bushes for your cold hardiness zone. We have lists of bushes and shrub names and types for each hardiness zone.

Depending on which area or region you live in, will dictate the climate and so the types of shrubs or bushes that can grow there. Shrubs all have different hardiness tolerances. See Shrub Hardiness.

Shrub and Bush Facts and Definitions

  • A shrub is a woody plant having multiple stems arising from the root ball that do not die back in winter. Shrubs do not have a single trunk, a tree is defined as having a single stem or trunk. There is an area of overlap between shrubs and trees, see Shrub or Tree what's the Difference?
  • A Subshrub is a small low shrub such as lavender, periwinkle or thyme and often called a dwarf shrub. They have a woody base and soft stems that may die back to the base in winter.
  • Bushes and shrubs may have flowers and fruit - berries, pomes.
  • Bushes and shrubs will have a mature height of less than 5-6 m (15-20 ft) tall, much shorter than most trees. See Shrub Growth Size
  • A natural plant community dominated by shrubs is defined as Shrubland, or Scrubland.
  • Shrub types. Shrubs and bushes can be defined as either deciduous shrubs or evergreen shrubs. There are also flowering shrubs, winter shrubs, hedge shrubs and garden shrubs
  • A shrubbery is defined as an area of cultivated shrubs in a park or garden and can be clipped as topiary.
  • Shrub Pollination and shrub uses. Shrubs are used to produce Bio Fuel. Shrubs can be used in coppicing, to produce charcoal and other products.
  • A prostrate shrub is a woody evergreen or deciduous shrub, where by most of the branches lie upon or just under the ground, rather than being held erect like branches of most other trees and shrubs. They are sometimes commonly referred to as groundcover shrubs or ground hugging shrubs. Prostrate shrubs are used in horticulture for hanging basket plants.
  • See Shrub Site Map for more.

Link List of Hardiness Zones for Shrubs;

Names of shrubs, bushes listed under the coldest North American plant hardiness zones in which they normally succeed.

Shrubs Hardiness Zone 1 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 2 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 3 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 4 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 5 -
Shrubs Hardiness Zone 6 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 7 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 8 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 9 - Shrubs Hardiness Zone 10 -
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