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Shrub Growth Size

Most shrubs will continue to grow in until they reach their mature size, this can be changed by pruning them if a particular shape or size is needed.

Garden centers and nurseries will give you information on shrub size along with other shrub details. The estimated size is typically given using two different methods; at ten years old, or the normal mature size of the shrub.

When looking for a shrub to plant in a small garden, the shrubs ultimate size is important, as you don't want it to get too big and overcrowd other plants. You might have to remove it later, or have to prune it regularly, either may be avoided by buying the right size shrub to begin with.

Shrub size and shape can be controlled by pruning or keeping them in an area that does not allow them to grow too large. Pruning should be done on a regular basis, avoid doing a severe cutback of too much foliage as this will stress the plant and show the bare stems of the inner shrub where little or no leaves are present.

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