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Ornamental Garden Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs can be used for ornamental features in your garden or landscape. Shrub flowers are one of their best features, in that they can flower over a long period from spring to fall, and some even flower during the winter. This makes shrubs an essential item to have amongst your other types of plants.

Ornamental uses of Shrubs

Some shrubs have colored bark or stems, so during winter if the leaves are down then they can still add colors to your landscape. Some shrubs are evergreen, some have variegated foliage or leaves, some have colored berries or fruits, some have fragrances, these are some of the decorative benefits of using shrubs.

Practical uses of Shrubs

Shrubs can be used to define the space in your garden. They introduce changes of height in a border or terrace area, and can also be used to enclose parts of a garden, see hedge shrubs. In a large garden you can use shrubs to guide your eye to particular views or vistas.

Container Garden Shrubs

Many shrubs do well when planted in large pots, containers or widow boxes. These can be used for patios, balconies, and for some indoor shrubs.



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