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Hedge Shrubs

Shrubs work well when planted in groups or in straight rows, to form a wall usually called a hedge, privacy screen or windbreak. In any garden they are great plants to make screens around unsightly sheds or utility buildings and equipment.

Many shrubs hold their foliage throughout the year, offering permanent color and shape to a hedge. Evergreen shrubs are most suitable for hedges or screens due to their permanent cover and their greater density to block wind when used as windbreaks.

Hedges can be used instead of a wall or fence for security reasons also. In some cases they offer better protection & a higher level of security if shrubs with thorns are used. If planted closely they cannot be passed through because they are too dense, or climbed over because they are too high and too wide.

Walls and Fences can be navigated by an intruder, but a dense 4' thick 6' high hawthorn hedge is impenetrable! Hawthorn and Russian Olive for example have large thorns and are perfect for this. Holly is a good candidate also, not because it has thorns, but because the leaves are so prickly and it has a dense growth habit.

Some shrubs suitable for hedges;
  • Hawthorn
  • Holly
  • Laurel
  • Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea')
  • Privet



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