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Winter Color Shrubs

Imagine a cold winter's day, possibly some snow on the ground too, and your garden, landscape is aglow with shrub colors and lush flowers.

There are many kinds of shrubs that flower during the winter, there are also evergreen shrubs that retain their leaves during the winter to add color. Deciduous shrubs can also add color by showing some of their unique colorful stems and flowers.

Below are three different lists of suggested winter shrubs, based on;
1. winter flowering shrubs, 2. winter foliage shrubs, 3. colorful deciduous shrubs

Winter Flowering Shrubs

Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas)
This shrub has a open spreading habit and produces a mass of tiny yellow flowers in late winter. Height 3m / 9ft

False castor-oil plant (Fatsia japonica)
An evergreen shrub with thick stems and few branches. It has brilliant white flowers in early winter. This shrub does not like to be pruned, just cut out any dead wood in spring. Height 2.4m / 8ft

Garrya elliptica
This broad-leafed evergreen produces male catkins in winter and last till mid spring. It prefers a sheltered location as a long severe frost may damage this shrub. Generally they are frost hardy. 4 × 3m / 13 × 10ft

Mahonia (Mahonia japonica)
Produces long sprays of yellow flowers decorating its evergreen branches from mid winter until early spring. Height 2.4m / 8ft

Mezereon (Daphne mezereum)
This shrub has purple fragrant blooms in late winter, followed by scarlet berries. Height 0.9m / 3ft

Oleaster (Elaeagnus macropylla)
A silvery evergreen with fragrant flowers also a silvery color, flowering in the fall.

Skimmia japonica
This is a very versatile evergreen shrub, from early until late spring it produces lots of clusters of star shaped white flowers. The rich green foliage is highly aromatic throughout the year, and bright red fruits are produced in the fall.

Most Viburnum Species, (Viburnum)
Viburnums are evergreen shrubs that flower from mid winter on to summer. Most have pink buds that open to scented white flowers that are frost resistant. New growth is bronze colored. Height, most are 2m / 6ft, but some can reach 3m / 10ft, Viburnums can be easily pruned however.

Winter Jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum
This is a much loved and widely grown shrub. Winter Jasmine has many small yellow flowers cascading down its green trailing stems. It is a climbing shrub, so a wall or fence is ideal for it to grow on. 3m / 10ft

Winter Foliage Shrubs

Brachyglottis 'sunshine'
Previously known as Senecio greyi, the grey evergreen foliage is quite noticeable during winter. 1.2 × 2m / 4 × 6ft

Holly (ilex)
Will carry bright red berries during wintertime, some hollies like 'Golden King' are almost thorn free, and the leaves are edged in bright gold for color variation. To produce berries, the female holly shrub must have a male holly shrub nearby, either your own or a neighbors.

Libertia chinensis

Nandinia domestica

Nandinia euonymous

Colorful Bark, Deciduous Winter Shrubs

Dogwood Species, Cornus
Grow many types of dogwoods for their yellowish through orange and red stems in the winter, and their white flowers in summer.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis mollis)
Produces yellow flowers, along with its attractive bark.



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