Privet (ligustrum)

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List of Privet (ligustrum) Shrubs by Botanical Name
Botanical, Latin, Scientific Shrub Name Common Shrub Name Coldest Zone Warmest Zone
Ligustrum amurense Amur Privet 4 7
Ligustrum japonicum Japanese Privet 7 10
Ligustrum lucidum Glossy Privet 6 10
Ligustrum obtusifolium Border Privet ? ?
Ligustrum ovalifolium California Privet, Golden Privet 6 9
Ligustrum quihoui Waxyleaf Privet ? ?
Ligustrum sempervirens Privet 7 10
Ligustrum sinense Chinese Privet 6 9
Ligustrum vulgare European Privet 4 8
Ligustrum vulgare 'Cheyenne' Cheyenne Privet 7 10
Ligustrum x vicaryi Golden Vicary Privet, Golden Ligustrum 5 8

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