Lilac (syringa)

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List of Lilac (syringa) Shrubs by Botanical Name
Botanical, Latin, Scientific Shrub Name Common Shrub Name Coldest Zone Warmest Zone
Syringa afghanica Afghan Lilac ? ?
Syringa josikaea Hungarian Lilac 5b 9
Syringa laciniata Cut-leaf Lilac 4b 8a
Syringa meyeri Dwarf Korean Lilac, Meyer Lilac 3 7
Syringa meyeri palibin Korean Lilac 3 7
Syringa microphylla Little Leaf Lilac 4 8
Syringa oblata Early Lilac 3 7
Syringa patula 'Miss Kim' Miss Kim Lilac, Manchurian Lilac 3 7
Syringa pekinensis Peking Tree Lilac 3 7
Syringa pubescens Weeping Lilac 3 7
Syringa reticulata Japanese Tree Lilac 3b 7a
Syringa reticulata 'amurensis' Amur Lilac 3b 7a
Syringa villosa Villous Lilac 4 9
Syringa vulgaris Purple common Lilac 3 9
Syringa vulgaris alba White common Lilac 3 9
Syringa x chinensis Chinese Lilac 3 7
Syringa x hyacinthiflora Canadian Lilac, Hybrid Lilac 3 9
Syringa x persica Persian Lilac 3 7
Syringa x prestoniae Preston Lilac 2 7
Syringa x prestoniae Miss Canada Lilac 2 8

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